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Drinking and Smoking in Islam

Haram means forbidden.

Is drinking alcohol haram in Islam?

Chapter 16, “Bees,” verse 67.
‘And from the fruit of date-palms and grapes. From them you get intoxicants and good sustenance.”
As this verse indicates, at first Islam did not forbid drinking.

Over time, however, the content of the revelation changed.

Chapter 2, “The Heifer,” verse 219.
They ask you about wine and gambling arrows. Say, ‘In both of them there is great sin and benefit to people, but the sin of both is greater than the benefit of both.’

Although they say that alcohol is sometimes helpful, but more often than not, there are more bad things that come from drinking alcohol, but they have not yet forbidden drinking.

Chapter 4, “Women,” verse 43: “O you who believe, when you are drunk, do not approach worship until you know what you are saying.”

This revelation was newly revealed to us after we worshipped after drinking alcohol and drunkenly misreading the Qur’an.
This revelation seems to have caused people to refrain from drinking alcohol before worship, but it has not yet forbidden drinking.

Chapter 5, “The Table,” verse 90
O you who believe, indeed, wine and gambling arrows, idols and divining arrows are the works of the devil, which are an abomination. Avoid them, and perhaps you will succeed. Then perhaps you will succeed.

Chapter 5 “The Table” v. 91
Satan desires to cause enmity and hatred among you by means of wine and gambling arrows, and to hinder your remembrance of God and your worship of Him. And yet do you not refrain from drinking alcohol?

Since believers became drunk and violent with each other, drinking was clearly forbidden as a work of the devil.

Read this revelation,
Some Muslims continue to drink alcohol as long as they do not become intoxicated. Who can recognize intoxication when it occurs?
It is a difference of interpretation, but people are weak creatures, and the revelation has changed because of the numerous problems they have experienced due to their lack of self-control.
We must discipline ourselves and accept the revelation with solemnity.

So is “smoking” haram?

Since tobacco is a luxury item that did not exist at the time of the revelation of the Qur’an, it is difficult to determine whether smoking is haram or not, since there is no clear prohibition against smoking.

‘Command what is good and pure, and forbid what is unclean.’
It is forbidden to do harm or to respond to harm with harm.”
Do no harm to yourself or others.”
In view of the harm caused by tobacco, the cultivation and smoking of tobacco may be considered haram (forbidden) because of the words of the prophet, “Do not harm yourself or others.

Tobacco is a luxury item, and there is concern about the health hazards to those around it caused by secondhand smoke.

Just as drinking alcohol became haram in stages, smoking may in the future be considered haram throughout the Islamic world.

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