イスラム金融~Islamic Finance~



なぜ、利子を禁じているのか? 富を持つもの(資金提供者)が自らの余剰資金を貸すことで(労せずして) 利子収入を得るということは好ましくない、搾取的な不労所得とみなされます。 すなわち、富を持つ者は貧者に喜捨を行うべきというシャリアの考えによります。





Islamic finance is a financial concept based on the Islamic scripture “Koran” and the norm “Shariah Law”.

Islamic finance prohibits taking “interest”.

Why does it forbid interest? It is considered undesirable and exploitative unearned income for a wealthy person to earn interest income by lending his or her surplus funds. This is due to the Shariah’s belief that those who have wealth should give to the poor.

This is one of the five basic tenets of Islam: “renunciation”.

Giving gladly is not an act of trying to gain something, but rather an act of giving willingly, without seeking anything in return. It is an act of giving without seeking anything in return.

In the Qur’an, Chapter 2, verse 275, we read

Those who covet interest will only be able to get up as one who has fallen down possessed by the devil. That is because they say, ‘Business is like taking interest. But Allah has permitted business. But Allah has permitted commerce and forbidden interest. So whoever stops after a reminder from his Lord, the past will be forgiven him. His affair is in the hand of Allah. But those who repeat (their wrongs) are the dwellers of the Fire, and they will abide therein forever.”

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