ハラール/ハラーム~Halal Haram~

「合法なもの(ハラール)は明らかであり、非合法なもの(ハラーム)も明らかである。そしてその間には、多くのものが知らない紛らわしい物事(ムシュタビハート)がある。ゆえに疑念の余地がある物事から身を慎む者は、自らの宗教と尊厳に潔白であれるだろう。一方、疑念の余地がある物事に陥る者は、禁じられた領域に足を踏み入れてしまうことになろう。それはまるで、禁制区域周辺で(家畜の)番をしている家畜番のようなもので、(家畜は)今にもそこに入って食べてしまいそうである。まことに全ての王には、禁制区域がある。そしてアッラーの禁制区域こそは、かれが禁じた物事なのである。実に体には、それが健全であれば体全体も健全であり、それが悪ければ体全体も悪くなる、1個の肉塊がある。それこそが、心なのだ。」 ハディースより












‘What is lawful (halal) is clear, and what is unlawful (haram) is also clear. And in between are confusing things (mushtabihat) that many do not know. Therefore, he who refrains from things that are open to doubt will be upright in his religion and dignity. On the other hand, he who falls into doubtful things will be stepping into forbidden territory. It is like a herdsman guarding the forbidden area, who is about to enter and eat the livestock. Truly, every king has a forbidden area. And Allah’s forbidden areas are the things He has forbidden. Indeed, there is a piece of flesh in the body that, if it is healthy, the whole body is healthy, and if it is bad, the whole body is bad. That is the heart.” From a Hadith

What Allah has made lawful (halal) and what Allah has made unlawful (haram), both are clear. However, there are things that are confusing (mushtabihat), which we are not able to determine whether they are halal or haram.
Those who try to refrain from confusing things are able to establish their religiosity, avoid public censure, and maintain their dignity.
On the other hand, he who does not abstain from confusing things is not exempt from falling into haram things and from being condemned by people.
The Prophet likened the person who steps into this confusing thing as follows:
“There is a herdsman who keeps camels and sheep in the vicinity of a place that the owner of the land has declared a forbidden area. His livestock are about to enter that forbidden area.”
The prophet is a metaphor for the fact that a person who steps into something confusing is also approaching something haram and will eventually fall into haram….
The Prophet explained that if the mind is sound, the body is sound, and if the mind is bad, the whole body is bad, in other words, “body and mind are one.

When people in Japan hear the term “Halal Haram,” they often think of food.
However, the provisions of Halal Haram are not limited to food and drink, but also extend to actions and words.
This hadith reminds us to always be pure and clean, and to have high aspirations.

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