• ムスリムであること
  • 理性ある者であること
  • 男であること
  • 病気などの理由がない限り立って行なうこと
  • 決まった所作を守ること
  • 清潔さを保つこと
  • 甲高い声の持ち主であること
  • 原則、最初から最後まで1人で唱えること
  • 正しい心構えを持ってから唱えること
  • アザーンに変化や工夫を加えないこと



・アッラーフ・アクバル (神は偉大なり) x4
・アシュハド・アン・ラー・イラーハ・イッラッラー (アッラー以外に神は無いことを私は証言する) x2
・アシュハド・アンナ・ムハンマダン・ラスールッラー  (ムハンマドは神の使徒ということを私は証言する) x2
ハイヤ・アラッサラー (礼拝に来たれ) x2
ハイヤー・アラルファラー  (成功のために来たれ) x2
アッサラート・ハイルン・ミナン・ナウム  (礼拝は眠りに勝る) x2 (Fajirの時のみ)
アッラーフ・アクバル  (神は偉大なり) x2
ラー・イラーハ・イッラッラー  (アッラー以外に神は無い) x1





Islamic call to prayer.
At the time of prayer, the mu’azzin ( a person who recites the Adhan) in the mosque chants the Adhan into a microphone to announce that it is time for prayer.
To become a mu’azzin, one must fulfill the following 10 requirements

  • Must be a Muslim
  • Must be a person of reason
  • Must be a man
  • Stand up unless you are sick or have some other reason to do so.
  • Observe the prescribed manners.
  • Must be clean and neat
  • Must have a high-pitched voice
  • As a rule, chanting must be done by one person from the beginning to the end.
  • Chanting should be done with the right attitude.
  • No changes or innovations in the azaan.
    The mu’adhdhin is said to have great merit, with traditions such as “if you perform the muezzin for seven years, you will not go to hell, and if you perform the muezzin for twelve years, you will go to heaven.
    According to a hadith, each mosque should have two muazzin.
    Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great) x4
    Ashhad an-Nahl ilaha illallah (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah) x2
    Ashhad an-Nah Muhammadan Rasulullah (I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah) x2
    Hayyah al-Alassallah (Come to prayer) x2
    Hayyah Ar-Rafallah (Come to success) x2
    Assalat Hailun Minan Naum (Worship is better than sleep) x2 (only at the time of Fajir)
    Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great) x2
    La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah) x1
    The first prayer of the day, Fajir, includes the phrase “Prayer is better than sleep.
    In the Shahada (Confession of Faith), one of the Five Elements of Islam,
    The basic principles of Islam, “There is no god but Allah” and “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,” are to be recited at each prayer.
    Since the Adhan includes this Shahada, Muslims cherish the Adhan.

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