Reasons why alcohol is prohibited

there is alcohol in heaven
47:15 “The parable of the Paradise promised to those who fear and keep themselves is that there will be rivers of water that never spoil, rivers of milk that never change in taste, and rivers of wine that is sweet to those who drink it. and they have all the fruits there and pardon from their Lord.”
Chapter 78:34 “And a full cup”
If you can drink alcohol in heaven, why can’t you drink in this world?
In chapter 37 verse 43
“In a blissful paradise. Facing each other on the bed. A chalice from the fountain (of wine) is passed to them. Pure white and delicious to the drinker. There is no drunkenness there, they I can’t get drunk on it.”
It means that heaven’s sake never gets drunk.
Liquor that wasn’t banned at first
There is also a description that “From dates and grapes you can get wine and food. It is a blessing from Allah to the people.”
As mentioned above, Islam did not forbid alcohol at first.
In chapter 2 verse 219
“They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, ‘There is great sin in both, and good for men, but the sin of both is greater than the good of both.'”
Allah’s revelation caused some to avoid alcohol, which was considered a great sin, but some people continued to drink because it was said to have “benefits,” and even at this stage, they continued to drink. was not banned in
In chapter 4 verse 43
“O believers, when you are drunk, do not approach prayer until you know what you are saying.”
A revelation has been given.
It’s not outright banned here either.

However, as a result of a violent incident between drunken people,
The revelation of 5:90 was given that drinking alcohol was forbidden as an act of the devil.

“O believers, wine, betting arrows, stone statues, and divination arrows are unclean and nothing but the deeds of the devil. Therefore avoid this. I am sure you will succeed. / The devil is trying to stir up enmity and hatred among you with wine and gambling arrows, and turn you away from the remembrance and worship of Allah. Will this make you guys quit too? 』

In this way, step by step, and now clearly, Islam forbids drinking alcohol.

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