ウドゥー:Wudu ➡ 大小便・分泌物・おなら

グスル:Ghusl ➡ 性交・出産・射精・生理・遺体に触れたあと

ウドゥー:Wudu の手順

1 両手を3回洗う

2 口を3回すすぐ

3 鼻で3回水を吸い、吐く

4 顔を3回洗う

5 両手を肘まで3回洗う(右が先、その後左)

6 濡れた両手で頭を前後に3回ぬぐう

7 耳の中、耳たぶと耳の裏をぬぐう

8 両足をくるぶしまで3回ぬぐう(右が先、その後左)


グスル:Ghusl の手順

1 ビスミッラーと唱える

2 両手を3回洗う

3 陰部とその周辺を左手で洗う

4 ウドゥーを行う

5 両手を水につけ、頭髪をすいて濡らす

6 頭・耳までを含め3回、両手で水をすくって洗う

7 体右半分を上から下に水を流し、左も同様にする



“Allah loves those who are repentant and repentant, and loves those who are pure in mind and body.”

As the hadith says, “Purification is half of faith,” we must thoroughly purify the state of “defilement.”

Wudu ➡ Stools, secretions, farts
Ghusl  ➡ Sexual intercourse, childbirth, ejaculation, menstruation, after touching a corpse

Wudu: Procedure

1.Wash both hands 3 times

2.Rinse your mouth 3 times

3.Inhale water 3 times with your nose and exhale

4.Wash your face 3 times

5.Wash both hands up to the elbows three times (right first, then left)

6.Wipe your head back and forth 3 times with your wet hands

7.Wipe the inside of the ear, the earlobe and the back of the ear

8.Wipe both feet up to the ankle three times (right first, then left)
If you go to the toilet or fart after wudu, the purification will be void and you will have to start over.

Ghusl: Procedure
1. Chant his Bismillah

2.Wash both hands 3 times

3.Wash the pubic area and its surroundings with the left hand

4.Perform his wudu

5.Dip both hands in the water and brush your hair to get it wet

6.Scoop water with both hands and wash 3 times, including head and ears

7.Pour water over the right half of the body from top to bottom, and do the same for the left

Both purification and worship will be null and void if they are interrupted in the middle.
It will start all over again.

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