ラマダン中の食事~Meals during Ramadan~






Suhur: An early meal
We replenish our nutritional sources before sunrise and the Fajr prayer. Suhur is eaten together in preparation for the fast that begins with the morning azan, or “call to prayer. Generally, suhur is eaten with the family on weekdays. On weekends, some people eat together with relatives and friends at special restaurants.

Siyam: Fasting
Siyam means self-control. Siyam refers to the time of fasting. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. This fasting is intended to purify the body and soul from impurities and to express the heart in worship, atonement, and gratitude. It also encourages participation in charitable activities, learning to take the perspective of the disadvantaged by retiring hunger and thirst on one’s own.

Iftar: the end of the fast
The fast ends at sunset and Maghrib prayer.
Prophet Muhammad ended his fast with a sip of water and a few dates.

There is nothing more harmful than filling one’s stomach with food. A small amount of food is sufficient to keep the body healthy, and if that is difficult, let one third of the stomach be for food, one third for drink, and the remaining third for good breathing.”

Some people eat excessively sumptuous meals on Iftar or eat and drink excessively on Suhur in preparation for fasting during the day, but this is a departure from the Faith. Let us once again return to our starting point, reflect on the mistakes of the past year, and make this the month for a fresh start in the new year.

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