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The hijab is a symbol of modesty in Islam.
For non-Muslims, the hijab is still a symbol of Islam.
Recent news about the hijab in Iran has left a strong image of “male chauvinism” and “disrespect for women,” but women wearing the hijab are by no means forced to do so.
Clothing is also an expression of a person’s character.
Those who are considered “modest” do not wear clothes that are wide open at the chest, clothes that show the navel, short skirts that almost show the underwear, or clothes that show the curves of the body.

To protect women from the desires of the outside world, Islam recommends that they wear the hijab so that their hair, body lines, and other beautiful parts of their bodies are not visible to the outside world.
The hijab, like the scarf, can be wrapped in a variety of ways, and women enjoy a variety of fashionable ways to dress in accordance with the tenets of the religion.
There are also hijabs in a variety of colors and patterns, which they coordinate with their outfits and express their personal style with the accessories they wear with the hijab.
Recently, some women do not wear the hijab, and when I traveled to Saudi Arabia in November 2022, I saw women who did not wear the hijab, although they were few in number.
They are not forced to wear the hijab as non-Muslims might imagine, and they are free to express themselves.
However, due to biased media reports, it is difficult for non-Muslims to understand their reality.
Unfortunately, the image of “Islam = terrorism” is also strong in Japan, and Muslims living in Japan are often plagued by this prejudice.
In such a situation, it is very difficult for Muslim women who wear “hijab” in non-Muslim countries to gain the understanding of those around them.
I am Japanese, but I have heard from an Indonesian Muslim woman friend of mine that Japanese people look at her funny when she wears a hijab.
She said, “You may not feel anything because you are a Japanese living surrounded by Muslims, but most Japanese do not say anything and look at me strangely.
The hijab is a symbol of humility, which is one of the teachings of Islam. In accordance with the doctrine, it should not be subject to prejudice.
As I was thinking about this, I received a notice from a friend in Turkey about World Hijab Day.
He said that February 1 is “World Hijab Day. I did not know about the existence of “Hijab Day” until my friend told me about it.
I heard that this day was established to encourage not only non-Muslims but also Muslim women who do not usually wear hijab to wear hijab.
Unfortunately, I learned of the existence of “Hijab Day” only after this year’s Hijab Day was over. Next year, I hope to introduce women who enjoy dressing up in hijab on this site.
Cultural Exchange. In order to get to know each other, it is important to know, accept, and try to understand each other’s culture.

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