Humans are imperfect creatures. make many mistakes.
Negative emotions such as backbiting, lying, slandering, anger, hatred, and vengeance.
Some say that such actions and feelings are non-Muslim, but unfortunately some Muslims are also trapped by Shaytan.
On the other hand, there are non-Muslims who are respectful of others and do not lie, slander or behave arrogantly.
Both Muslims and non-Muslims are recognized as beautiful.
Allah judges according to the characteristics of people. Therefore, a person who possesses these wonderful qualities can be recognized even if he is temporarily non-Muslim.
It is possible to find the qualities of ungodliness in Muslims and the qualities of godliness in non-Muslims.

A true believer is one who can forgive.

To forgive means to forgive faults, shortcomings, negligence, and sins, without condemning the culprit or punishing them.

The Quran encourages Muslims to forgive.

“If you refrain from retribution and forgive, it will be the atonement for your sins.” (Chapter 45 of the Table)

“Whoever takes vengeance on an evildoer is like the wicked, but whoever forgives and reconciles him, Allah rewards him. Allah like it.” (Counseling Chapter 40)

He also recommends responding to evil with good.

“Good and evil are not the same. (Even if one does evil) drive away evil with more good deeds, so that even those who are hostile to each other become like close friends.” (Chapter Hussira) Section 34)

“Repel evil with good deeds. I (Allah) know well what they say.” (Believers: 96)

In Islam, disbelief is considered an “evil act,” and the surest way to rectify evil is to respond to evil with good. This is because if you respond to evil with evil such as anger, hatred, and hostility, the animosity will grow stronger. But if you forgive them for their disbelief and respond to them with good deeds, they may repent, open their hearts, and perhaps become friends.

We all want our mistakes to be forgiven. We ask for forgiveness of wrongs and forgiveness of sins. They expect to be tolerant of themselves. I hope that my shortcomings will not be blamed.
Those this kind of forgiveness and tolerance need to consider similar behavior towards others. Those who wish to be forgiven must first forgive others.

“To forgive, forgive”

Goodness is there.

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