誕生日はHARAMか~Is it celebrate a birthday?~












I sent a birthday message to a Muslim friend from Japan.
The reply came back, “Thank you, but it is not customary to celebrate birthdays in the Muslim world.

This was a surprise to me, as I had always thought that birthdays were celebrated since I was a small child. It seems that even in Japan, there was originally no custom to celebrate birthdays, and it was only after 1950 that people began to do so.

When I looked into the origins of birthdays, I found that in other countries, birthdays have deep religious connotations, and the reason why people began to eat cake seems to have its origin in Greek mythology.

It seems that few people celebrate birthdays in the Muslim world, as celebrating birthdays is influenced by Jews and Christians.

In fact, in August 2008, there was a great debate in Saudi Arabia, with two different opinions about birthdays.
When a cleric told a TV audience-participation program that celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries is not against Islamic doctrine, a high-ranking cleric said that celebrating birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. is against Islamic “justice,” the exact opposite view.

Are birthdays “haram”?

Seeing a child grow up is the greatest joy for a parent, and isn’t it okay to celebrate that? It would seem so.

For many Muslims, however, it is not a day of celebration, but a day to thank Allah for allowing them to celebrate such a joyous occasion.
Instead of lighting candles on cakes, feasting, and giving gifts to celebrate it, it is considered a day to give thanks to God in a modest way.

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